About company

The limited liability company ANALYTICAL CENTER ALGIZ has been established in October, 2007 as a private company, which was approved as a certified service supplier of NNGC Energoatom in 2010. The main activities of the company are (according to CTEA):

  • 72.19 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering;
  • 71.12 Activities in the field of engineering, geology and geodesy, technical consulting in these areas;
  • 71.20 Technical research and relevant testing;
  • 74.90 Other professional, scientific and technical activities

In accordance with the decision of NNGC Energoatom, the company has the right to provide the following services to all Ukrainian NPPs:

  • Performing analytical and calculation analyses for NPPs;
  • Development of safety reports and safety reestimation summaries;
  • Performing of works associated with equipment degradation and aging; calculation of reliability parameters and prolongation of NPP service life;
  • Performing of strength and seismic resistance calculations of equipment, piping and NPP buildings;
  • Development of methodological guides on safety analyses, equipment qualification and non-destructive control;
  • Development and implementation of NPP technical and operating documentation;
  • Training of NPP personnel, development of training programs;

Our company focuses its efforts on improving the nuclear safety particularly in terms of development of safety and peer review reports, technical documentation and analytical studies subjected to:

  • Equipment qualification;
  • Reliability data collection and analysis;
  • Initiating Events analysis;
  • Human Reliability analysis;
  • Accident Sequences analysis;
  • System data collection and analysis;
  • Development of Input Decks and making T/H calculations using RELAP 5, CONTAIN and MELCOR codes;
  • Reliability modeling and calculations on SAPHIRE and RISK SPECTRUM codes;
  • Fire events analysis modeling and calculations using CFAST code.
Tampere Str., 13-b, office 410, Kiev, 02105 +38 (044) 292-08-18 officе@algiz.com.ua

Our sphere of activity covers high-tech industrial enterprises, mainly - Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). The engineering team of our company consists of highly skilled experts who used to start their carrier at Ukrainian NPPs thus having huge long-term experience and practice of operation at NPP site and proceed working as analysts in different safety-related projects within the framework of INSP (US DOE), TACIS (Europe Commission) and Ukrainian (NNGC Energoatom) programs.



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