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Performing analytical and calculation analyses for NPPs;

Development of safety reports and safety reestimation summaries;

Performing of works associated with equipment degradation and aging; calculation of reliability parameters and prolongation of NPP service life;

Performing of strength and seismic resistance calculations of equipment, piping and NPP buildings;

Development of methodological guides on safety analyses, equipment qualification and non-destructive control;

Development and implementation of NPP technical and operating documentation;

As is known, safety is considered to be one of the greatest needs of the humanity on par with need for food, water, clothes, home and information.


The greatest dream of the humanity – safety world forever!


These words became a slogan of our company and the main purpose of our work. To make the world safe, people should study the internal and external risks, search for ways to decrease them and implement them in real life. Comprehensive analysis of the risks and search for methods to reduce them – the company's main profile.


Our field of activity - high-tech industries, the main of which are nuclear power plants. Qualified engineers, analysts, who have extensive practical experience in performing risk analyzes for nuclear power plants are working for our company.


 Experts of our company took part in realization of the international programs on increasing nuclear safety (INSP, TACIS, INSC), were learning from the best experts of USA and Europe and are taking part in internal Ukrainian safety programs organized by Energoatom.


 Having built up experience in nuclear industry, we’re moving on and ready to work on risk analysis and make recommendations for optimization for another complex industry objects, including those with high-risk facilities.



ALGIZ ANALYTICAL CENTER was marked  in Ukrainian rating  for overall performance in financial and economic activities.

"Branch Leader 2012"
Bronze award
"Branch Leader 2014"
Gold award
"Branch Leader 2015"
Gold award
"Branch Leader 2016"
Gold award
"Branch Leader 2017"
Gold award


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Our sphere of activity covers high-tech industrial enterprises, mainly - Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). The engineering team of our company consists of highly skilled experts who used to start their carrier at Ukrainian NPPs thus having huge long-term experience and practice of operation at NPP site and proceed working as analysts in different safety-related projects within the framework of INSP (US DOE), TACIS (Europe Commission) and Ukrainian (NNGC Energoatom) programs.



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